so we went to st. luke’s yesterday for my allergy shots and this was what we went through from slex to edsa to e. rod..

during traffic, i played around with my lumix..

after, we decided to watch valentine’s day as we weren’t able to watch it last weekend, we watched percy jackson then. the movie was ok, albeit a bit mushy. and since we were both from the south, we headed to greenhills – para maiba lang. where we ate at mexicali before the movie..

is it just me, or magkakaiba how they prepare the food at mexicali’s. my beef quesadilla from mexicali’s greenhills was fatter than mexicali’s the link. i prefer the link’s better, because it is easier to eat and hindi nakaka-umay with all the stuffing.

i also bought this case from fully booked for my lumix.. its good since once inside, it doesn’t look like a camera so i won’t have to leave is somewhere when we watch movies, and not to mention, i also love the color and print =D

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