so it looks like i fell off the blogging bandwagon once more.. haay. ohwell. looks like i have to make blogging a habit. considering how short the hours and days seem these past few days (or even months), let’s see..

anyway, i just realized that a surefire way to tell if you or your friends are aging/growing/getting old is if you or any of your closest friends are dealing with one or the following issues:

  1. pregnancy (i’d just like to say that i’m NOT currently pregnant. that’s all)
  2. job issues: to resign or not to resign. boss issues. salary issues. all issues concerning your jobs and well it sometimes all stems from the fact that you’ve been in the same company for the past number of years and is well, stuck in a rut
  3. “business” issues: the initial/infancy stages of a business with friends is not really that ideal nor happy
  4. “friendship” issues – which mainly involves the realization that perhaps a “friend” is just not really one
  5. health and beauty issus, includes fitness issues. suddenly, everyone around you is obsessed about getting fit, which is more or less always involves losing how many pounds
  6. wedding issues: some are breaking up. while everyone else is getting married

i’ll add some more as they come. haha. oh happy vibes – where art thou??


i’m currently watching the wimby game of serena williams and maria sharapova. and i have to say, their screams/grunts are a bit of a turn-off, and not to mention, bothersome.

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