meet june and roy

they live in their crabitat home 
this is june
while this is roy
dh and i met june and roy at lucky hermits, located at the ground floor of megamall when we had our date there last saturday. the booth was surrounded by people curious about hermit crabs, and well, curiousity got the best of us. i have to say, medyo nakakaawa. one kid/teen who was there, got a crab, and when she saw that the crab was hiding out in its shell home proceeded to tap the shell in the counter several times?!
and asked: “te bakit ayaw nya lumabas?”
um duh. its scared out of its wits thank you very much.
anyway, this is a sort of compromise between dh and me. dh has this fascination with fishes and aquariums, and has always had a pet aruana or flowerhorn (or something) at one point or another. until we became a couple. hehe. i’m not really fond of pet fishes. that, plus we don’t really have a space for a big aquarium in our apartment right now, plus the maintenance and whatnot.
so this is the compromise. hehe. some perks in having a pet hermit crab:
  • no surprise gift packs (namely poops, etc.) at home, as obviously they are in their crabitat
  • the crabitat is a bit easier to maintain compared to an aquarium in terms of filter maintenance, etc.
  • although i find them a bit icky, they are admittedly quite fascinating to watch
while there are perks, there is still quite a bit to learn about hermit crabs, especially about their molting process, which i’m a bit excited and curious about. but please, no hermit crab carnivorism please. we find our hermit crab info here.
the only downside about them is unlike dogs, you can’t really cuddle them (eew!). maybe someday, doggies!!
for prices, hermit crabs at lucky hermits retail for about php 150-180 each. there are painted shells ones but we chose the traditional shells as the hermit crabs change shell homes every once in a while (or when they grow). there are also options wherein an aquarium/crabitat are included, prices for these range from php 700-900 (there is a choice between the usual aquarium or the carrier one) and includes 2 hermit crabs (hermit crabs are sociable, contrary with their hermit name) and some fish pellets for food.
and yes, our hermit crabs are named after tom cruise’s and cameron diaz’s characters in knight and day. and while we haven’t checked yet whether june is really a female and roy a male, we just based their names and assumed their genders on their colors: june=pink, roy=gray/black. yes, it is a bit gender biased, but i don’t think i want to check yet their actual genders (follow the above hermit crab link to know how), and this is the most logical and easiest way for their names.

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