since we live in almost the opposite end of the metropolis (muntinlupa) from where both of us work (me fort bonifacio, dh near robinsons pioneer), it is logical (and quite obvious) that we go through the daily commute together (he drives, whee). and since i usually get out of the office a bit earlier than him, we usually meet someplace for the commute home. it may be either glorietta or robinsons, which are both hazardous for a shopaholic and impulsive buyer such as myself. so here are two of my must haves during these long waits:
1. a book
admittedly, i have already finished a number of books during these long waits. most recently i’ve finished the first two books of the mysterious benedict society, and is currently reading the hunger games. i know, all these are childeren’s/young adult books. but i find that they, along with chick lit books are more relaxing after a hard day’s work. gotta conserve what remaining brain cells i have.
2. ipod touch
this is by far the best gadget i ever had. once i got tired of reading, this is the next best thing to pass the time. from wifi to the games. not to mention the free ebooks! eep! the minute i discovered the wattpad and stanza apps, i never looked back! if i want a book, i search through both databases first, and if they’re unavailable, that’s the only time i buy the books. talkabout saving a lot of moolah! not to mention the ipod is a lot lighter than some books, and is infinitely easier to read. no more page turning! i’ve read the entire sookie stackhouse/southern vampire series, percy jackson series and countless other novels in my ipod! looveeeeettt =D

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