So it’s been a while since I’ve last been here, and a few updates are in order. So to make things simple (and easier since I’m a bit rusty in blogging after such a long time of absence), I’ll make it in bullet points.

  • After leaving the corporate world for almost a year now, we are finally pregnant (well I am, but of course, I can say my husband and I are expecting). We found out last Dec. 1 at the St. Luke’s emergency room after a wedding we coordinated and after downing 4 white rum + chocolate shots. To make the long story short, I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the alcohol or something I ate which is why we ended up in the ER and where I realized I haven’t had my period for November (I’m irregular so its quite hard to keep track of), and where they tested me and where I tested positive – for a pregnancy and not for something else. So. Most expensive pregnancy test we ever had.
  • When the pregnancy was confirmed, I was already a month or so along (I forgot na, I’m sorry). So my first trimester coincided with the Malditas’ busiest month ever: December. We had weddings almost every other day, plus the Holidays = the worst trimester ever. I’m sorry baby but it was the worst. There were days when I just couldn’t get out of bed at all. We had another trip to the ER where they said the reason for my pains were hyperacidity + constipation, and basically they could NOT do anything about it. It is considered a normal thing during pregnancy, some women just have it harder than others. Well obviously I was part of the club who had it worse. Aside from hyperacidity, I also couldn’t eat. Not a lot. Not even a little. I lost 5 lbs during that month alone, and I thought I’m pregnant, not on diet.
Another thing I realized during those days was no matter how you explain and describe it, no one, and I mean NO ONE gets your pain. Cry and beg all you want, no one gets it. For some, you are just throwing your weight around. For others, nag-iinarte ka lang – for lack of a better term. All I can say is, all pregnant women and moms deserve respect and consideration during these times. And while you may or may not have been pregnant before, you may or may not know someone who was pregnant na “wala lang” and was able to continue with their normal lives, don’t assume that the same holds for everyone (even for you). Everyone and every pregnancy is different. During that time, I was crying the whole time to hubby about the pain and why I never knew preggy women who experienced and complained about the pain during the first trimester, hence something must be wrong with me. Needless to say I was a nervous, painful wreck. But as it turned out, it was normal, even if it was painful. And I survived. Talking and comparing notes with other moms (ie those who have been pregnant before me) helped a lot. And for those who haven’t been pregnant, be considerate because you never know which club you’d belong to once you do get pregnant: the I got it easy club, or the I got it worse club.

So I guess that’s it for now. I’m taking it a bit easy right now, albeit we had a ton of meetings during the start of the year – not that I’m complaining since it is a good thing. I have already declared my maternity leave for June to August (I’m due on July; I don’t want to go on pre-term labor because of all the walking and standing we do, hence June; my mom has this rule of 1 month rest after birthing, don’t ask I don’t even know, hence August), so we’ll see.

2 responses to “A Few Updates and the Reason for the Title Change”

  1. reeyah Avatar

    BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! wala lang! 😀 okay to make this comment not so useless, just a reminder: gimme your wishlist for your baby shower. 😀 but give it later on na. mag-ipon ka muna ng ideas at para hindi mabati. :Dhaymsoegzoyted! 😀


  2. Emmelyn Cruz Avatar

    haha sure. hanggang tingin palang din ako eh, next time na shopping =D


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