Waiting Game with Rui

— Also known as my birthing story. Since this blog is mainly about #ruitotski, what better way to start the New Year then to share how she came into this world.

No worries, this blog post does not have blood, sweat or tears – well not literally, as the actual event involves quite a bit of all three. I have decided to write and share this so that I have an actual record of Rui’s arrival. And since I’m no novelist, the story will be told by the numbers as I remember them.

  1. Jul13 – We went for our regular OB checkup, this is also the first time my OB does an IE. We almost missed her but good thing she waited for us for a bit. Found out I’m 4cm and she advised us that we can check in at the hospital already as I can give birth that evening, but she also advised me to walk around for a bit. As we didn’t have our stuff with us – we were actually planning to pack our hospital bags after that check-up, we called my mom to bring Rui’s stuff to the hospital. We then had lunch first at ATC and walked around. My main concern during this time was my water breaking at the mall – kakahiya diba. Buti nalang that did not happen and when it became too painful to walk around, we then went back and checked in at the hospital.
  2. At the hospital we stayed at the Genesis center where I was strapped in for monitoring. I had regular contractions but I stayed at 4cm. We were then transferred to our room as I was not progressing.
  3. Second day at the hospital, we decided to induce labor via IV drip (I can’t remember the actual name na). Nothing happened. We rested for 6 hrs and did a 2nd round. Again, nothing. All this time I had regular high (based on the monitoring) contractions and all the nurses kept telling me to just call if I need an epidural. It was painful but bearable. I stayed at 4cm. Rui was also monitored all the time and she does not seem to be bothered or stressed by any of it (I think everyone was stressed out except for her).
  4. Third day we were like zombies na with all the waiting. It was very stressful as the hospital would not discharge us as I was already dilated and having regular contractions. We don’t want to opt for a CS unless absolutely necessary. We decided to rest for the day – no more inducements and just wait and see. That night, we decided to just wait it out at home. Our OB assured us that Rui is strong and CS at that point is unnecessary. We would just have to come in for foetal monitoring checks every 3 days. We got discharged the following day – 4th day.
  5. The husband got permission from his office to work at home. I also continued to work at home. We went out on dinner and movie dates and walked our asses off. We also went in for monitoring and check-ups. We had a couple of false alarms when Rui was quiet, so we rushed to the ER, only to have her kicking when we got there. I still had regular contractions, but the pain was bearable.
  6. July 27 we again went to the OB for our checkup. I was still 4-5cm. Since I was due on July 30, we decided then that if Rui still does not come, we will check-in at the hospital on the 30th and undergo CS on the 31st (I picked this date so she’ll have the same birthday as Harry Potter haha). We then did our grocery, watched a movie and went home.
  7. I stayed up till midnight chatting with my friends at Line haha. I slept for a bit and woke up with a very painful tummy at around 1am. Woke up the husband and we decided to go to the hospital na to be sure. We arrived at the ER around 2am and I was already 8cm. I was wheeled directly to the birthing room and was in so much pain. I also learned that the nurses in the Genesis center call us 4-ever, because I was stuck at 4cm. We met their full shift of nurses and doctors na during our practice run.
  8. Got an epidural and we slept for a bit waiting for the OB. She arrived at around 5am and I was fully dilated (I think). Rui arrived on Jul28, 6am.

Looking back, I was thankful that we waited it out and did not opt for a CS. I love our OB for not pressuring us and instead did all she can for us to have a normal delivery. Rui came unexpectedly in our lives and I’m just happy that we gave her the chance to meet the world in her own time and terms – walang pilitan haha.


  1. praying that my own OB will not pressure me also to have a CS which is so normal here in Bangladesh already…. and praying for a normal easy delivery din sana for me 🙂


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