If there’s one thing I miss doing now that I’m a new mom, its reading all day. Truly, reading is a luxury right now especially when I’m with the bebe 24/7. I used to just curl up in bed/couch all day with a good book, and just keep going until I finish it. Good luck naman gawin ito now with the little boss.

I’m currently reading The Hobbit since curiosity got the best of me especially with the movies coming out. I wanted to see if the onscreen adaptation is also good, just like what they did with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and so far, I’m not disappointed. I started reading it in my phone’s iBooks, but over Christmas, one of the husband’s gifts was:

And it’s illustrated! Yuck parang bata lang. I resolved then and there to read it instead of the ebook copy but between taking care of the baby and work, where do I even find the time to just pick it up and curl with it. Haay. So bottom-line is, balik ebook ang beauty ko – because my phone is always nearby and its easier to handle especially when breastfeeding – which is basically the only time I can also read (talk about multi-tasking). Good thing the ebook version I have is also illustrated. Although these days, the little boss also gets easily distracted and would peer into my phone while nursing – tsismosa lang ang peg. But aside from time and ebook/book handling, who can read with this:

Seriously diba? Who can work much less read when you can cuddle, play, and even watch her sleep all day long. So Bilbo, sorry nalang but the winner in this case is of course, #Ruitotski.

2 responses to “Bebe and Books”

  1. PEACHY Avatar

    nakataas talaga ang paa at hawak pa nya!!!!


  2. Em de Guzman-Cruz Avatar

    korek! at tulog na yan ha =D


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