I saw a former client and IG friend post Sophie when she bought her for her baby and it reminded me how Rui (and I) loved Sophie. So friends, this is Sophie the Giraffe:

When I was still pregnant, Dada and I decided to each purchase a “first” toy for Rui. Dada wanted a “security” dragon, while I decided on Sophie – which I saw in one of the mommy blogs I follow way before I even got pregnant. Unfortunately, we were not able to purchase either until the last minute – before checking in at Asian Hospital during our “practice” run (see here). So I got Sophie, and Dada got Puff the dragon.

Some things I love about Sophie:

She’s the first toy Rui recognized and reacted to. Don’t ask me why, but when we introduced her to Rui on her second month, Rui began smiling and “talking” to her after a few days. Soo kyut. See here:

When a friend visited us with her 1 year old kiddo, she loved Sophie too and played with her!

Sophie went through a lot with Rui.

From licking:

 To baba holder:


To getting foot massages:

They’re best of friends 🙂

After all that she’s been through, Sophie’s rosy cheeks lightened na compared to when we first got her. But she’s still not losyang naman in any way.

The only thing I don’t like about Sophie? The price. She retails for about PhP 1,000 – mahalia. We got her from Rustan’s but I also saw her and her friend (she has a smaller friend who is also cheaper) in Mothercare.

But I have no regrets, and I’m definitely keeping her (but no I won’t stick her on Rui’s scrapbook).

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