Not Your Typical Mommy Porma – Tops That Go From the Office to the Weekends

Moms juggle work, motherhood, and wife responsibilities for 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week – it’s no wonder that we “let go” in some areas. 30 minute makeup routines get slashed down to 10 minutes, twice a month spa days get cut down to once a month, and what was once updated outfits and porma became comfortable and not necessarily stylish clothing.

However, it is also important for us moms to feel good about ourselves. And one way of ensuring that is to look and feel attractive in spite of our full and busy schedules. An easy way to accomplish this is via comfortable yet stylish tops that are versatile enough to go from the office to weekend family outings.

To make it easy for moms, we’ve scoured the Internet and Instagram for the perfect mommy tops. Internet shopping is a God-send for moms as it’s a quick and easy way to get quality and unique items for ourselves and even for our kids without wrangling said kids in the mall.

Here are a few online shops we’re loving for our everyday mommy porma:

  1. Nicart

Nicart is a homegrown clothing brand that offers women updated classics. They offer tops and dresses that feature clean and sleek silhouettes and even sexy tops. Their prices range from PhP 600 to 1,200 per piece.

Everyday Casuals stays true to its name – the shop features effortless tops that can go from casual to smart casual to even semi formal – just by changing the bottoms from jeans, black pants, and skirts. Their pieces have a relaxed yet sexy fit – perfect for moms’ gentle bulges. Their prices range from PhP 350 to 900 per piece.

Unif0rm’s pieces are not your typical office uniform, but they are still the perfect pieces for every occasion. They have a more expensive price point though at PhP 2,000 to 6,000 per piece.

Simone’s Closet Shop takes boho clothing to the next level with their colorful and versatile tops and dresses. Most of their pieces have a relaxed and even loose fit – making it perfect for mom’s curves and lifestyle. Their dresses are also perfect for casual and even semi formal events with just a bit of accessorizing. Prices for tops or terno pieces and dresses range from PhP 500 to 1,100 per piece.

Most of Cole Vintage’s pieces feature loose and semi-stretch fabrics that are both easy on mommy’s curves and also on her hands – as the pieces are easy to care for (they can easily be washed and worn). Their tops and dresses can easily go from smart casual, to office, and even for relaxed weekends with the family. Prices range from PhP 800 to 1,800 for both tops and dresses.

Remember mamas, we can still look and feel stylish even while juggling all our mommy responsibilities ;).

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