5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Homeschooling

Deciding on anything related to your child’s education is a big deal. Whether it’s determining the right age to start, which school, and what kind of school, as parents we tend to evaluate each and every aspect, with our child’s best interests in mind. Aside from the numerous school and education options, another one that has recently garnered much interest from a lot of parents is homeschooling.

Homeschooling or home education is when parents choose to educate their kids at home instead of sending them to a traditional private or public school. If you have been looking into and considering this option, then we have come up with a few questions that you can ask yourself to help you determine if homeschooling is the right path for you and your child.

So here are 5 important questions you need to ask yourself first before you homeschool:

Why do I want to homeschool?

Before you do homeschool, it is best to know first and foremost your own reasons why you want to do it. At the same time, answering this question convincingly to yourself will help you explain it when other people ask you about it. And they will ask about it A LOT. So it’s best that you are confident with your homeschooling decision first so you can defend and explain it well to others. Know your homeschooling whys and embrace it.

What are my expectations for homeschooling?

Just like in any undertaking, it is best to set your expectations straight. Homeschooling blogs will tell you that homeschooling can be a fun, learning experience for you and your child. But they will also say that there are challenging and frustrating days as well. Knowing this, it is best that you set realistic expectations and prepare yourself for one thing: hard work. Because just like in anything worth doing, homeschooling takes hard work, and lots of it.

Will I have the necessary support?

Aside from getting support from mommy friends, groups, and homeschooling providers, also consider if you would be getting the necessary support from your husband/partner and even immediate family. They may not be sold to the idea right away, but it is still best to still somehow make them understand your decision to homeschool. Enlisting their support — especially that of your husband/partner will make your homeschooling life easier.

How long do I plan to do this?

As Yoda once said, “do or do not. There is no try,” the same is true for homeschooling. In order to succeed at it, you have to be committed to the cause. Your commitment will be the only thing that will keep you going in spite of the challenges and rough days that you and your child will soon encounter. Hence, it is also best to start out with an initial plan on how long you intend to do it. Do you intend to homeschool your child through kinder? Or elementary school? Having said this, also note that you should also be objective enough to evaluate yourself and your child’s progress after each year to gauge if you will still continue on your initial plan.

Am I mentally, emotionally, and physically ready for the challenge?

As you might have read in a number of mommy and homeschooling blogs, homeschooling is challenging. And that there will be bad and challenging homeschool days. Knowing this, ask yourself if you are prepared for this huge undertaking with your child. Gauge if you can manage and devote ample time and energy (aside from your other personal and family responsibilities) to the cause.

*Originally published in momcenter.com.ph

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