Trick or Treat! 6 Ideas to Celebrate Halloween at Home

The coming Halloween is sure to be a unique experience – in the sense that it seems we have to celebrate it with our kids at home. If your kids are turning into monsters over the idea of skipping trick or treatin’ this year, then no worries because we got you, mama. Here are a few simple at-home Halloween ideas to keep your little monsters happy throughout Hallow’s Eve:

Have a Halloween game night

You can set up your own Halloween games and activities at home. You can choose activities that are age-appropriate for your kids, such as Halloween Bingo, Halloween scavenger hunt, Pumpkin memory games, and even candy games. Have your pick of activities and games on Pinterest.

Make a spooky snack

You and your kids can celebrate Halloween with a full tummy by making spooky snacks. You can either whip up your own recipe or purchase Halloween cookie or cupcake decorating boxes. Shops such as The Dessert Kart or Sugar Monsters each offer Halloween-themed kits.

Watch a scary movie

Why not start a Halloween movie night tradition with your kids this year? Ready the mattresses on the floor, plump up the pillows, pop the popcorn, and turn off the lights – and ready your nerves for some spooky movies. But make sure that your scary movies are appropriate for your kids as well – you can opt for Halloween-themed cartoons or movies if you have younger kids.


You can bring the Halloween-feels at home using a bit of creativity. And you can even get your kids to help for a fun crafty afternoon. You can make use of items you might already have lying around your home, such as Jack-o-Lanterns out of paper bowlsGhost emojis out of balloons, and Halloween paper garlands out of scratch or construction paper.

Paint your faces

Halloween is a good excuse to try out new looks with your kids using face paint and a bit of creativity. Ask your child the design he/she wants and try your best to create it. You can even let your kids have a go at it too. The best part – it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Host a virtual party

At this point, even our kids are pros at video calls, virtual playdates, and all the related apps. So get them in costume, maybe set up a few Halloween games, dial a few friends, and party the Halloween away.

Have a spooky and memorable Halloween, mamas!

*Originally published in MomCenter


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