About me

Hello! I’m a writer/editor based in Manila with a background in public relations, corporate communications, SEO and website management. My work background and skill set includes:

Head of Studios: Gushcloud Philippines

Conceive digital and influencer marketing initiatives, from crafting campaign strategies and ideating influencer posts to developing launch plans.
Formulate and oversee YouTube channels co-owned or co-produced by the company and its talent, ensuring they align with brand objectives and maximize audience engagement.
Direct the content strategy for the company-owned IP channels, MomCenter and Best of Manila, leveraging a sharp attention to detail and innovative design sensibilities to enhance the visual appeal of content.
Optimized company-managed IPs, platforms, and channels through effective use of digital marketing tools, including Google Ads and Meta Business, maximizing the reach and engagement of produced online content.

Managing Editor: MomCenter.com.ph

Lead the creation, writing, and development of website and social media content, ensuring alignment with brand messaging and audience needs.
Devise, produce, and write social media posts and other materials for diverse clients, optimizing content for their specific marketing objectives.
Execute additional social media activities, such as coordinating talent, ideating video projects, and hosting Facebook Live events, to enhance client engagement and increase brand awareness.

Events Coordinator: Edukasyon/Engadin Corp.

Collaborated with diverse stakeholders – including local government units, government agencies, and private sector organizations – to orchestrate senior high school and college fairs, attracting hundreds of prospective students.
Orchestrated and supervised all facets of the fairs’ operations, from logistics to administrative support, to ensure their smooth and successful implementation.
Promoted the fair’s value proposition to LGUs and secured their sponsorship, resulting in increased visibility and attendance for the event.

Project-Based Website Manager / Writer / Editor (Remote work)

Collaborated with various clients and websites to generate and curate compelling articles and news stories, catering to diverse audiences.
Conducted photo editing, content uploading, and website management tasks using CMS platforms, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the content published.


  • Adept in MS Office Applications, Google Workspace, WordPress, Canva, Meta Business, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, YouTube Studio

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