Love Weddings?

So ever since Charisse and I decided to go full time on our wedding coordinating/planning business, most days are now … More

A first date everyday

Just watched 50 First Dates again and I remember how much I “aaw-ed” in one of the scenes where a … More

Me and Us

Just a few realizations from the past few days (which are in bullet points as i type them as they … More

iPad addict

Before, i don’t understand the ipad. I find it too big and bulky for reading books, surfing the net, and … More

Malditas turns 2!!!

Yep you read that right! The business we were just starting previously turns two this month. And as a thank … More

events malditas

a few friends and i are currently dabbling in the events coordinating business starting this year. i think we somehow … More

design design

whee. i’m having so much fun with the new blogger design templates. hehe. makes you feel a bit inspired about … More

little ms.procrastinator

so it looks like i fell off the blogging bandwagon this early.  i’ve been procrastinating a lot lately, including in … More

of requests and trips

i remember making a strange request to my mom: that she wake me up everytime she leaves for work.  my … More

first post

ok, here goes. this is my first post in my nth blog. but this is my first blog as a … More