I have been breastfeeding Rui for almost 20 months, and while we are lucky to be at it for so long, there are times when I can get bored out of my mind when she’s nursing. Yes, there’s Facebook, Instagram, and other social media or apps (thank you smartphones!) to get lost in, but nothing beats a good ol’ book.

Buuut cradling Rui in one arm leaves just one hand to manage a book, so reading for long periods during nursing time can result to cramped fingers and at times, a book on my face (or god forbid, Rui’s face/head). So this is why I sooo love the husband’s gift last Christmas.

Ta-da! A Kindle Paperwhite.

I sooo love my Kindle. Let me count the ways:

  • It’s waaay lighter than any book. So goodbye cramped fingers and books on my face. Plus the size is just right for single hand handling, and easily slips into any of my bags.
  • It has a backlight, letting me read even while the baby and husband are sleeping (although this is bad for a book-related insomniac like me).
  • I can load a lot of books. And I mean a lot! As of the moment I have around 100 books in my library, but according to Google, the Paperwhite can load up to 300+ books.
  • The battery lasts for a long time. I’ve tried reading via iBooks in my iPhone and iPad, and sad to say, the batteries of both gadgets just couldn’t keep up.
  • It’s really easy to purchase a book via Amazon. Plus the 3G connection (free! SIM not required!) makes this easier (again!).
  • The GoodReads integration makes it easier for me to see book recommendations, and update my book activity.
On the other hand, I hate the Kindle because:
  • The black and white screen. This is not really a biggie, and I think the reason behind this is because a black and white screen is easier for the eyes. But I have to admit, you cannot really appreciate a book’s cover/artwork on it.
  • It’s waaay too easy to purchase books. Gah. I have to refrain myself from browsing Amazon’s shelves.
  • As I’ve said before, the fact that the Paperwhite has a backlight makes it harder for a bibliophile like me to put it down and sleep.
I obviously love it! Even the downsides aren’t really disadvantages at all.

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