ok, here goes.

this is my first post in my nth blog. but this is my first blog as a wife (as a first time wife too, haha). i’ll also share other stuff aside from the marital stuff.

anyway, meet our stargazer =D

this is actually not our first plant. we had 2 marigolds from tagaytay a few days before, but unfortunately, both of them dried up due to some unknown reason – hindi ko daw kase kinakausap. baka kase sumagot at matakot pa ako diba. this is actually hubbo’s valentines gift. this is his answer to the how many times i’ve told him how wasteful a bouquet is – ilang hours/days lang ang buhay. hopefully, she’ll fare better than the marigolds.

and.. meet my partner in crime for this blog:

its a lumix lx3!! whee! (i do apologize for the crappy pic – i’m still learning the ropes for this camera) i sooper love this camera. it has similar features/capabilities with dslrs without the bulk. i’m trying to do one picture a day, and hopefully i’ll be able to post some pictures in this blog as well (i’m crossing my fingers na huwag ako tamarin!!). i’ll limit the photos here though to small. to save on space. but i’ll also be posting stuff at my flickr page (add me up if you want-emtot =D)

anyway, i’ll try to post here regularly. either while tending to my farmville or sending an email through my phone or at work (if i’m free!).

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