Before, i don’t understand the ipad. I find it too big and bulky for reading books, surfing the net, and all the stuff it promotes to do. I do all these things using my iphone and i’m satisfied with it, not to mention its a lot smaller and easier to carry.

Well i’m obviously eating these words right now. Last christmas, hubbytot gifted me with an ipad for my birthday and its an understatement to say that i’m hooked/addicted to it. For a lazy person like me who finds booting up the laptop so much of an effort, ipad’s easy access and no boot up function is loads better. It also doesn’t hurt that i can use it to do almost everything i use the laptop for, namely: check emails, check facebook, read ebooks, surf the net, and now, blogging.

Yes i can still do all these things in my iphone but the ipad’s waaay bigger, thereby its more comfortable to read ebooks, etc.

Not to mention that i can read my ebooks on it even while hubbytot’s asleep.

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